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A group of students from Ridgeway School in Plymouth have made their concerns about the state of the world’s oceans clear through a hard hitting film. ‘The Other CO2 Problem’ is a seven and a half minute animation starring characters from King Poseidon’s Kingdom beneath the sea and laments the fact that Doctorpus, Britney Star, Michelle Mussel, Derek the Diatom and other subsea creatures are suffering as the ocean becomes more acidic as a result of human activities; the film ends with Poseidon demanding that we terrestrials sort the problem out and stop pumping more and more CO2 into the atmosphere to be absorbed by the sea, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Clay animation about the potentially disastrous rise in ocean acidity. Created by pupils from Ridgeway School Plymouth, Sundog Media, and Dr Carol Turley of Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Commissioned by EPOCA and supported by UCP Marjon, and National Marine Aquarium.



Photos of the making of:

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