Training workshop on the fundamentals of carbon biogeochemistry
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A fundamental component of the effort to understand ocean acidification and the associated climate and ecological effects and feedbacks is a solid understanding of the functioning of the marine carbon cycle. It is also imperative to develop a common methodological approach and rigorous (meta)data reporting skills. To this end a training workshop has been developed, sponsored by the EU projects EPOCA and CARBOOCEAN and the IOC. Click here to download workshop presentations.

The training workshop was held 24-26 February 2009 in Bergen, Norway.


Agenda and presentations of the workshop


24th February 2009

08:30    Registration and coffee

CARBOOCEAN Session 1    The marine carbon cycle past, present and future

09:00     Welcome and Introduction (Richard Bellerby)

09:15    CO2 variability over paleo timescales (Toby Tyrrell)

10:30    Coffee

11:00    Future atmospheric CO2 and acidification scenarios (Jim Orr)

12.15    Lunch

EPOCA Session I    Ecosystem carbon biogeochemistry – sensitivity and feedbacks to OA

13:15    Physiological processes of autotrophic carbon assimilation (Björn Rost)

14:30    Biogenic calcification (Fred Gazeau)

15:45    Coffee

16:15    Microbial mediation of the carbon cycle (Markus Weinbauer) (for references on the presentation please contact Markus at wein (at)

17:45    Poster Session I

19:00    End


25th February 2009

CARBOCEAN Session II    The marine carbon dioxide system

09:00    Writing readable scientific papers (Jim Orr)

09:45    The marine inorganic carbon dioxide system (Toby Tyrrell)

11:00    Coffee

11:30    Measurement of the marine inorganic CO2 system (Mike DeGrandpre)

12:45    Lunch

Joint EPOCA-CARBOCEAN Session: CO2 calculations

13:45    pH scales and carbonic acid dissociation constants (Richard Bellerby)

15:00    Practical exercises on programs for the determination of the CO2 system (All)

15:30    Coffee

16:00    Practical exercises on programs for the determination of the CO2 system (All)

19:00    End


26th February 2009

EPOCA Session II    Data transfer and communication of results

09:00    Data reporting and archiving (Anne-Marin Nisumaa)

10:15    Coffee

10:45    Education and outreach (Ingunn Skjelvan)

12:00    Closing Discussion

13:00    End



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