The EPOCA Work package 16 is devoted to training with the objectives to educate young researchers (PhDs and Post Docs) in research approaches, theories and methods through local lectures, staff exchanges, secondments, research theses work and intensive training courses and workshops. Several training workshops for young scientists working on EPOCA are and have been organised, including workshops on paleo-reconstruction methods, marine carbon biogeochemistry and perturbation experiments. These workshops are open to non-EPOCA members whenever possible. PhDs and Post Docs are invited to get involved in the EPOCA school projects as part of their training to raise their skill to communicate with non-scientific audiences.


EPOCA Training workshops:

EPOCA, BIOACID, CalMarO and OCB training workshop on the best practices in ocean acidification research

8-12 March 2010 in Kiel (Germany)


OCB short course on ocean acidification

2-13 November 2009 in Woods Hole, MA (USA)


Training Workshop on The Fundamentals of palaeo-reconstruction methods

28-30 September 2009 in University of Cambridge (UK)


Training workshop on the fundamentals of carbon biogeochemistry

24-26 February 2009 in Bergen, Norway.


Guide for Best Practices in Ocean Acidification Research and Data Reporting Workshop

19-21 November 2008 in Kiel (Germany)


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