WP 12 - Assessment and Earth system feedbacks
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WP 12 leader: Fortunat Joos   joos (at) climate.unibe.ch   UBern



  • Quantify links and feedbacks between carbon emissions, ocean acidification, and climate in coupled, state-of-the-art Earth system models
  • Explore ocean acidification under a range of mitigation and non-mitigation scenarios
  • Determine how ocean acidification will simultaneously affect ocean productivity and climate reactive gases as well as the climate system


Description of work and role of participants:

T12.1: Perform simulations with five Earth system models from five centres of excellence in numerical modelling (UiB, CEA, MPG, UNIVBRIS and UBern), while simultaneously bringing together emerging process-based knowledge from other Themes

T12.2: Perform sensitivity tests in Earth system models to isolate effects due to climate change as well as how increasing atmospheric CO2 drives changes in ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystems that in turn feedback on climate

T12.3: Quantify uncertainties by comparing results from models having different physics and biogeochemical-ecosystem components (UiB, CEA, MPG, UNIVBRIS and UBern)

T12.4: Comparison of the new scenario results including new parameterisations for the acidification impact with previous results (UiB, CEA, MPG, UBern)


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