WP 9 - From process studies to ecosystem models
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WP 9 leader: Andreas Oschlies   aoschlies (at) ifm-geomar.de     IFM-GEOMAR




  • Integration and synthesis of experimental findings and numerical models.
  • Efficient knowledge transfer between experimental, process-oriented research and Earth-system science modelling.
  • Feedback to experimental scientists about process understanding that will efficiently reduce ecosystem model uncertainty.



Description of work and role of participants:

T9.1: Establish a coherent database on experimental data on the effect of elevated pCO2 on marine organisms and ecosystem (LOV, UiB)

T9.2: Process oriented meta-analysis of experimental results (mesocosm and microcosm) (IFM-GEOMAR, UiB, AWI, PML, NIOO, LOV)

T9.3: Meta-analysis of model structures and parameterizations (ZMT, IFM-GEOMAR, NIOO, UiB, AWI, PML, ETH ZURICH, UBern, MPG, CEA)

T9.4: Modeling of mesocosm experiments, including data-assimilative parameter estimation (ZMT, IFM-GEOMAR, NIOO)

T9.5: Improve models to better reproduce mesocosm results and provide optimal balance between model complexity, performance and portability (IFM-GEOMAR, ZMT, NIOO)

T9.6: Assessment of new parameterizations and recommendations for incorporation of improved process understanding into global-scale models, (NIOO, IFM-GEOMAR, ZMT)


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