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Date: Monday, June 29th, 14:00 h

Location: Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University


We are pleased to announce the first EPOCA Students Meeting, which will take place in Plymouth, just efore the 1st Annual EPOCA Meeting. Please, make sure to arrive in Plymouth on Monday June 29th morning the latest).


The meeting will be divided into two sessions:

1) Oral presentations session:

There will be time for 10 talks, with a maximum of 10 minutes per person. Please submit your abstract by Monday, June 8th. Abstracts should be less than 350 words (excluding title, author/s, and affiliations), and with enough information and detail to be able to assess them just from the text (please end them in WORD or PDF). We can only accept abstracts from students that belong to partner organizations of EPOCA. In case we have more than the 10 proposed abstracts, we will chose 10 to get  “best mix” between observationalists/experimentalists and modelers. We will inform about the 10 selected abstracts by Monday, June 15th. At the end of the oral presentation session, all EPOCA students will get the chance to vote for the two best talks. The chosen students will be given 10 minutes each in the plenary session on Wednesday, along with the rest of the EPOCA community and all scientists.

2) Discussion session:

This session intends to trigger discussions among the students about ideas for future research and potential collaborative work. One of the main goals of the meeting should be to foster open communication among us young scientists and to help closing the gap between observationalists/experimentalists and modelers. Please do bring in your own ideas, and expose them openly; we wish to discuss all points of view. The discussion should not be purely reserved to this session but it could also follow each talk. As a last point, we will discuss phases and common problems of a Ph D student, hopefully profiting from more advanced Ph D individuals and helping newcomers.

- After the official meeting we should strengthen our cohesion with an informal dinner, followed by a pub tour in Plymouth. It would be great if any of the local students could help us organizing a great evening, so we welcome any suggestion.

- Please let us know whether you wish to “participate” in the first EPOCA Students Meeting by May 25th, just by emailing us and confirming your attendance (with abstract or without). When you email, please state clearly: 1) full name, 2) affiliation/institution with a postal address, 3) email, 4) phone number, 5) if you will attend, and 6) if you will submit an abstract. Also feel free to suggest any other important activities that we should add/consider in the program.


We hope to meet you all on Monday, June 29th in Plymouth!



April, 2009

Claudine Hauri and Mario Lebrato



Attendance confirmation and abstract submission


Please, do confirm your attendance (by May 25th) with the information stated previously, and submit your abstract (by June 8th) to both Claudine and Mario. Details as follows:


Claudine Hauri

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .chclaudine.hauri (at)

Phone: (+0041) 44 632 09 72

Institution: ETH Zürich


Mario Lebrato

E-Mail: mlebrato@ifm-geomar.demlebrato (at)

Phone: (+0049) 431 600 4507

Institution: IFM-GEOMAR, Leibniz Institute of Marine Science (Germany)



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