Portsmouth-Bilbao monthy crossings
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Monthly crossings Portsmouth-Bilbao taking measurements of carbonate chemistry and coccolithophores.

First crossing: 16 September 2008

Duration: Month 4-16

Responsible affiliation: NERC-NOCS

Contact person for EPOCA scientists: Toby Tyrell  (Toby.Tyrrell (at) soton.ac.uk)



The Pride of Bilbao ferry is scheduled to leave Portsmouth at 9:15pm 16 September 2008, with four NOCS personnel on board, to sample surface seawater along the route for carbonate chemistry and for coccolithophores, in addition to other parameters. Crossings will be monthly thereafter. SAHFOS have arranged for the same ferry to tow a CPR (continuous plankton recorder) concurrently. Other EPOCA scientists can contact Toby Tyrell for information if they would like to participate in future crossings.



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